Miracle Houses, Inc.

Miracles Happen Every Day

We demonstrate care and compassion to children and families, regardless of their response.

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20+ Years Of Helping Youth Learn Responsibility, Honor Authority, and Show Self-Discipline.

Miracle Houses, Inc. provides educational, prevention, and diversion services. We dedicate ourselves to building esteem, increasing self-awareness, and empowering children and their families.

– Patsy Camp, CEO

What To Expect From Miracle Houses

The child welfare system can be very complicated - that's why we work to keep it simple. Our programs are outcome-driven, and designed to serve under privileged youth and their families. We ensure safety and well-being of our clients by addressing complex emotional and behavioral needs. Our goal is to provide a safe and therapeutic environment where children and adults can learn together.

Diagnostic Assessments

Comprehensive Clinical Assessments ensure clients get the treatment they need.

Community Support Team

Child and Family Team meetings ensure families receive the support they need.

Residential Services

Our homes provide a safe environment where children can heal and learn life skills.

Caring Leadership & Supportive Staff

We show up to work for one reason; to take care of our community.

Out-Patient Therapy

Individual and Family Sessions help clients become contributing members of society.

We Have The Greatest Employees

Our employees care about their community. We're hiring individuals who are committed to meeting the needs of our clients. Looking forward to sharing your experiences!

"It's like, everything you do here matters. No matter how small the thing you do with the kid is, you don't know how big of an impact it might have."
Philip W.
Direct Care Staff
"There's something new to learn every day. Even when you think you got it down, you realize there's still so much more to learn."
Tonya M.
Program Supervisor
"It's more than a job. Even though some days can be stressful, you know that the kids are learning; and it's worth it when you see how far they've come."
Olivia S.
Direct Care Staff

Giving to Miracle Houses

Miracle House is able to provide meaningful experiences through the generosity of individuals, churches, foundations, and businesses that care about children and support our mission. 

We welcome tangible and intangible gifts. If you’re interested in volunteering, donating labor, or adopting one of our houses, we’d love to be in contact with you.